Friday, November 27, 2009

How To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Ultimately without traffic to your sites or blogs, you won't be making anything out of the different ads displayed on your site. Suppose you have put your best effort to write so many articles and created so many blogs.Your blog is loaded with tons of articles.But it is meaning less if traffic is not coming to your site.It will be worthless for you in terms of money and even your writing .There is no taker of your writing. This is an art How To Make Money with Adsense. As we know that a high rank page brings a lots of internet traffic, more readers, more sales and more clicks. This in turn enables people to become a successful internet entrepreneurs and publishers.

Steps to improve traffic to your blogs.
Submit your RSS Feeds to web:Bloggers and website owners have RSS feeds.Distribute your RSS feeds to RSS directories to promote your RSS Feed. If you want to increase the traffic then offer full RSS Feed because many subscriber wont subscribe your feed if it is not full.Feed Burner chicklet is very good it displays the number of RSS readers on your blog.There are lots of directories for promoting RSS feeds.Have a look of few Yahoo RSS Guide

Submit Articles to article Directories: Submit articles relevant to your site or blog to the article directories.It will bring lot of traffic. Don't worry about duplicate content, these articles are not meant to earn you adsense revenue, it is meant to build you backlinks. Following is a list of free quality link directories. Ezine articles, Article base, Article city.You can try automated software also to submit your article to directories.

Submit to web directories: Submit you site to web directories, there are so many free directories i.e, BlogCatalog, DMOZ etc .Submit to DMOZ in fact Google directory is taken from it.It is very difficult to get listed.Try it for best.

Promote your site at social Bookmarking and networking sites:Plenty of traffic. Bring unbelievable number of people by promoting site on MySpace, Facebook,, Digg and Stumble Upon etc.

Google loves texts: Publish more quality articles with lot of texts in it, you are guaranteed to earn money with Adsense. Also read How To Make Money with Adsense 

Specify your keyword a number of times:do not stuff your article with keywords only, then Adsense will classify your article as spam. Reasonably, well targeted keywords should appear through out the article in an uniform manner. 

Provide a catchy title: Catchy and juicy article always attract more people.It works like magic.So write stunning, catchy headlines.

Login to Yahoo Account: Go to yahoo Answers and Search for relevant category for the users who wants answer for their queries.You answer their queries and put a link.If your answer satisfy the readers and find your site or blog relevant then automatically you will get new loyal readers. In this way you can build up a readership.

Get Quality Linkbacks: In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.Read this post How to Get BackLinks for High PR . So search for relevant websites, forum, blogs etc that has good content and ranking. Contact the webmasters and ask for link exchanges.

Add Widget: Widget Addthis has a bookmarking widget that will help your visitors bookmark your website or blog, and promote it to the social bookmarking services, sending you back more traffic.
Optimize for key word phrases: Optimize your writing for a right keyword.Right key word density improves page rank for the search engine.

Be passionate of your topic: If you have interest in the topic you are writing then you can really find your blog growing.Blog attracts like minded people so they will look for you.

Promote it with Google Adword:You can promote it with Google Adwords. But you will have to invest a bit in this. Don't worry you can compensate your investment with the affiliate marketing.

Technorati Tags:Tags are the little words using which you describe your article. Tags/Labels are everything, so describe your article with lot of relevant tags. Give Technorati Tag to your key words.

Google Friend Connect:is the new social network from Google . Join Google Friend Connect to get huge traffic.

Advertise on Twitter:You can twitt your post on twitter.It brings a lot of community based reader. You can use your blog to get followers. Put the Follow Me badge on your blog. Viewers clicking on it will become your Followers.How to Make Money on Twitter.

Comment on the Other Blog: It will bring people to your blog.

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