Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Find & Submit Sitemap of Blog to Google

If you have already added your site to Google then next step is to submit sitemap of your site/blog to Google. Read my earlier post How To Add URL To Crawl Google Bot. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps Google to know the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process. Sitemap helps google bot to crawl all the pages of your site and find out the any crawl errors and link broken.With the help of sitemap Google bot can produce good analytical data of your site. So always submit complete sitemap of your website or blog.You can also create sitemap of specialize web contents like video, mobile, news, code search etc.

You can get your site/blog indexed in google search by some other ways also like submitting your site to blog directory, Feed directory etc which are already indexed by the search engine.It will automatically follow the links to crawl sites that are linked there.But by submitting your sitemap directly to google is always good.You have control over that.How To Submit blogs to Yahoo, Alexa, MSN.

How to Find and Submit sitemap of your Blog: Now next thing is to find   sitemap of your blog and how to submit sitemaps to Google.If you are using Blogger then take the help of Blogger to find out the sitemap of your blog. The Atom feed produced by Blogger can be used as a sitemap.
For many web sites, the robots.txt file may contain the location of a sitemap for their site. Usually, a webmaster would need to create the entry into the robots.txt file for it to be included.For Bloggers, this is done automatically for you.

How to Submit Site to Google

If you want google bot crawl your site and index your pages then you will have to submit site or blog to Google. To index your blog to Google search engine, you will have to add site URL to Google. To make your blog popular and to get a lot of free traffic it is necessary to add site URL and sitemap in search engines.As google does not add URL and sitemap on its own. Read my previous post How To Submit Url/Blog to Yahoo,MSN,Alexa.

Below are the Steps to Submit site or Blog to Google:

1.Visit Google Webmaster Tools and sign in your google account.

2.Add your site here. Avoid using " http://" before your blog or site name (use URL and click "Add URL" button.

3.Now you will have to authenticate your site ownership, you can do this either adding a Meta tag to your home page, or uploading a verification file to your site.

4.If Meta Tag then Generate "meta tag" and copy it.

5.Go to the Dashboard of your blog; dashboard | Layout and open Edit html file. Now paste the "Meta tag" after the (HEAD) tag of your html file. And save the Template.

6.After saving template, go to Google Webmaster Tools again and click the "verify" button. you are done and will be verified withing minutes.

After Adding your site/blog to Google you must add sitemap of your blog to Google to crawl Google bot freely. Adding sitemap will bring a lot of traffic to your site.Now learn How To Find and  Add Sitemap To Google.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How To Sumbit Blogs to Yahoo, MSN, Alexa for Indexing

Yahoo is the second major search engine after Google as we know.It is a great traffic puller.Yahoo provides many services to help us to get a descent traffic.It index your pages in yahoo search engine.It means if anybody search your blog then they can easily find it out. It also helps to figure out any crawl errors in your site,popularity of particular page,queries and keywords searched for.So if you are beginner in blogging then its always good to submit your blog and Blog Feed to Yahoo, msn, Alexa and google.It will help your blog be visible and accessible on the net.This can bring tons of traffic to your site.How To Submit Site to Crawl Google Bot.

Steps to sumbit your blog URL/Feeds to yahoo: Also read How To Find & Add Sitemap To Google.

1.Visit Yahoo Site Explorer and sign in with your yahoo account,if you don't have Yohoo account then signup for new account.

2.Add your blog before "Add My Site" button and Click on Add My Site Ex-(

3.Authenticate your site ownership, you can do this either adding a Meta tag to your home page, or uploading a verification file to your site.If Meta tag then click on Adding Meta Tag and Meta Tag will be generated.Copy this Meta Tag.

4.Now add meta tag just after the (HEAD) tag in your blog. As verification with meta tag is simplest method. Go to your blog Dashboard->Layout and open Edit html file.Paste the meta tag after the (HEAD) tag in your html file.Now save the Template of your site.

5. Now again go to Yahoo Site Explorer Click on the Explore button after typing your blog name.You will get a page where you click on "submit for free"

6. Now you will have two options.Submit a website or webpage or Submit site feed. You can submit for both one by one.You submit URL as well as Feed. You are done . After some days you can verify it to login to Yahoo Site Explorer whether your blog is indexed or not.

For submission to MSN: go to MSN url submission. and type your blog URL and click submit buttom.

For Alexa Sumission:Just go to and at the below of that page type your blog url and. "click crawl my site".

Monday, December 7, 2009

Google Local Business Centre

Google is eying up at the local ad market in and around US which is exhaustive plan to promote its ad business in the local stores around the U.S.

Google Local Business Centre offering a reporting dashboard. Learn how people find
your business.Google's Local Business Center allows stores like pizza joints and dress boutiques to place its product on Google Maps with basic information also get access to data about how Web searchers hitting their profile.Local customers already search Google for the products and services you offer. Business listing on Google Local Business Center is going to bring revolution in local ad market. Ofcourse consumer also will have easy access of larger data base of their daily requirement even using cellphone.

Consumer will be able to use code-scanning applications on modern phones to look up the Google listing for that particular restaurant, store, or dry cleaner etc.

It Provides Free updates:Keep your address, phone number, hours of operation, and more up-to-date. Even create coupons and display photos and videos, all for free. For more details go to Google favorite Place in Your Locality.

Yahoo and Microsoft's Search Deal

Yahoo and Microsoft have finally reached to an agreement of their prolonged talk and discussion of their search engine deal. They have agreed to install Microsoft as the exclusive search provider for Yahoo's network of sites. The deal will turn Microsoft into the world's second largest search company and Yahoo onto a media-driven advertising company.

Under the terms of the deal, Microsoft will provide search technology to Yahoo for up to 10 years, also gaining access to Yahoo's search technology assets and several hundred employees. It will then pay Yahoo a significant portion of the ad revenue generated alongside those searches.

As per the deal Microsoft will pay 88% of future search revenue to Yahoo and Microsoft will have now greater share in search market with Yahoo's all the search technology available for them.
For more details go to Yahoo and Microsoft Deal.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not to Do Things While Twitting

Twitter has become a next Internet tool for so many Internet Marketers, They are using twitter as a big tool to generate marketing leads and fortunes. With any social media application, site owners takes time to understand the community and build influence among their followers. Twitter also is no exception. As you know the truth in social networking money is that as the number of followers you have so big the money as you know the Tips to Make Money on Twitter. So build your relationship with your followers carefully.Build a reputation of your profile and influence over your follower so that they will not unfollow you. There are few things that must not do while twitting so that your follower keep following you. Make Money with Facebook. Below are some not to do things while twitting.

  • Do not go for bidding from everyone- accepting a bid for twitting is not good for the long term. It is exciting in terms of money but never compromise over the quality of products/sevices you are going to twitt for. Quality rules the world.
  • Don't advertise for everyone- Check the credence of potential advertiser before twitting.
  • Don't Tweet for money only- Basically twitter is not a platform to advertise and make money. Provide the quality information to people and satisfy their query with authenticity. Rest of thing automatically will place for you.
  • Don't deceive your follower- Clearly mention ad- while twitting for sponsored tweets so that your follower clearly distinguish your tweets. Otherwise there is high chances of unfollowing.
  • Don't go for irrelevant tweet- Stick to the only relevant ad which suits your profile and interest.
  • Don't go for blank Ad- Give some clear description of what you are going to twitt for. It must not misguide people.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Must do Things in Affliate Marketing with Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing is a business not a job. You can make lots of money from affiliate marketing once you are expert in this, but like most businesses, start will be slow and it will grow as you put effort and time.People can earn million from affiliate marketing What is Affiliate Marketing.
These companies are in need for you to advertise their products for them so that you will market their products they offer, you in turn will make profits. You do not need to do any selling or buying, because these websites will handle all the orders, selling, and shares the profits with you.All you have to do is place ads telling other people about your products from clickbank. These companies pay very good commission on all sales you generate for them.Commission varies from 10% to 70% and depends on the product and company. Affiliate Marketing with Commission Junction.

ClickBank provides you with access to thousands of products that you can promote easily and quickly. All you need to do is sign up for Clickbank affiliate account and follow their instructions.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AMD 785G Motherboard Review

A review has been published on for the new chipset of AMD. You can take an overview of it here.Complete review of ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AMD 785G Review.

The ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard is an AMD 785G platform built with Home Theatre PC and High Definition media applications in mind. Key to its allure are a trifecta of video outputs - HDMI, VGA and DVI - powered by the integrated graphics AMD Radeon HD 4200 graphics card and 128MB of onboard SidePort memory.

The heart of the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO is however the AMD 785G graphics controller, the Radeon HD 4200 GPU. This is what makes almost every AMD 785G mothberboard such a darling of users with High Definition 1080i twinkling in their eyes. With all of these graphics capabilities, the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO is positioned as a good candidate for an inexpensive HTPC box or everyday work PC for that matter. ASUS' M4A785TD EVO is priced around $95 CDN, ($90 USD, £55 GBP) .

Salient feature:

INCLUDES: Manual, Driver CD, (4) SATA cables, IDE cable, Q-Connector, I/O shield.
Chipsets: AMD 785G / AMD SB710
CPU Support: AMD socket AM3
Memory Type: Dual Channel DDR3-1066/1333,1600/1800(OC)
Videocard Support: (2) PCI Express x16 2.0 (x16, x4)
Integrated Graphics: Yes (HDMI, Analog, DVI)

Find the full review at ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AMD 785G Review.

What are the Benefits of using Commission Junction in Affiliate Marketing?

What is Commission Junction?
Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks online right now, operating worldwide as a mediator between merchants and affiliates.It is a leader in performance based online marketing offering excellent opportunities for both merchants and affiliates. The company serves millions of clients making it one of the largest ad networks today. CJ serves over 1500 customers, including eBay,, and Yahoo! I assume you have basic knowledge of What is Affiliate Marketing?.
Benefits of using Commission Junction:
  • It facilitates the relationship between advertisers and affiliates and gives its expertise in the affiliate marketing business to ensure the best results for its clients. The most significant benefit of Commission Junction is that it has endless variety of products available for publishers to advertise.The product offered in CJ are of good quality and affiliate won't have much problem to promote them. As the market leader in affiliate marketing solutions, Commission Junction offers many advantages for both merchants and affiliates.
  • Since success of affiliate marketing lies for merchants is finding the right affiliates, Commission Junction offers the best way for merchants to succeed, by bringing merchants and affiliates together. Commission Junction offers the best opportunities to make a profit for both merchants and affiliates.
  • As the Commission Junction has far more merchants than any other affiliate marketing company today. Affiliates has more option and freedom to chose the right product to promote as per their need and commission.
  • The company offers a huge number of affiliate programs in every category of products and services. Commission Junction has an excellent record of accomplishment in the affiliate marketing business.It help both merchant and affiliate in realistic way.
  • Commission Junction offers the best features and opportunities for merchants and affiliates. Its marketing solutions help marketers increase their profits. Indeed, there are many reasons why any affiliate or merchant want to succeed, joins Commission Junction.

How to Start with CJ: Open the Commission Junction publisher application form and fill up it with step by step instructions as a publisher or affiliate. After filling the form you accept the term and condition of CJ and submit it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Affiliate Marketing and Earning Potential

An affiliate Marketing: is basically an online business set up by someone or third party .That could be anything from selling physical products, selling education information, selling ebook as a virtual product, Electronic gadget or any thing you wan to sell online. By signing up affiliate program in fact you are helping them or affiliate company to sell their product. And in turn you also get benefited in terms of commission when sales happens from your reference.The amount of commission varies between different affiliate programs.There are huge earning potential in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: is one of the most popular and promising online business these days. It is an agreement between the merchant, the website owner or the affiliate, or the one who allows the use of his site to promote the the product and services.An affiliate marketing is a relationship between the merchant and the affiliate to help each other.HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN AFFILIATE MARKETING WITH CJ.

An affiliate-marketing network: is a program that involves a network of individuals and organizations with the purpose of promoting a particular product online. There are many affiliate-marketing programs where both merchants and affiliates can be associated with each other.Some of the famous affiliate marketing network are Commission junction, Clickbank,paydotcom,amazon, eBay etc. You can sign up to these affiliate junction,fill up form and chose your product to advertise. In return if sales happen you will get your commission.

Affiliate Program:If you sign up for an affiliate program, you must need a website/ blogs or some social networking platform like How to make money with Facebook to promote the program. You will get the affiliate links of product from the affiliate junction to promote it. These affiliate links are vital for you will use these to promote the product and track the sales also.All the text link of ads, banners, marketing text will be provided to you by the affiliate program. Your will have to advertise the affiliate link on the web where people will visit and hopefully click on the affiliate links to buy the products that you are promoting.You can promote it using Google Adwords also but here you will have to invest a bit.But as compared to investment return is so good.

Whether you have your own business: or are promoting an affiliate program, but the secret of success is the conversion rate, or the percentage of visitors that actually buy something from you. There is a number of factors that influence the conversion rate.
  • If you are promoting it on your own website/blog then quality of the site/blog should be good enough to bring high web-traffic.You must try for How to Bring Maximun traffic to your site.
  • Quality of the product you are promoting for must be good.If you want to make your presence felt in the affiliate marketing then never compromise for the product.It will be far better in long term if you are getting less commission but product you are campaigning is good.
  • Customer support from the vendor is also very important.
  • My personal opinion is that your relationship and trust with people on the web matters must to get success. But these comes slowly.
  • Affiliate Marketing is just like word of mouth campaign, if people trust you then they will listen and even buy the product you suggested.

5 Excellent Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is a social online community that links people from the globe irrespective of their location, cast, sex and age. Like minded people are gettingSome people are using Facebook just for fun, some are for social networking but some people are using Facebook as a excellent networking tool to promote their business or selling their stuffs.
But the big question is how people are making money with Facebook and how much.There are several known ways to make money with facebook.Business man are selling their own product by promoting it on facebook.They are making sells by exposing their product to friends, people on the facebook.Guys are earning more than six figure from facebook,twitter.Tips to Make Money with Twitter.
It would have been difficult to think of making money with Facebook. If some companies had not provided their products and websites to market them. You can use many tools/applications in Facebook to do online marketing.
  • Selling Products:If you are affiliate marketer then you can earn money by selling you product.You can promote your product among your friends in facebook.Before that you will have to make massive network and build relationship with the people,they should believe in you and what you are promoting on.There are so many affiliate marketing company CJ,Amazon,Clickbank etc.
  • Advertising Space:If you have big audience or network then you can sell the advertising space on your page.There will be so many advertiser lined to pay you if your page is so popular.
  • Selling facebook Application:If you have very good application and have 1ok or 100k users then you are on hot seat.You can sell it.
  • Writing Facebook Blog or e-book: Write an e-book on facebook covering every thing from basic like creation of page, group, application development then sell it out.
  • Develop Facebook Application:GreatFacebook application developers very limited so demand is very high.If you can develop Facebook application then you have very good market for it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tips to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is recent hot micro blogging platform.Everyone likes to use twitter these days.It is really a cool way to spread your words within the twitter community.A user can present their words in the limit of 140 characters to its followers.You can micro-blog any thing you want with twitter.You can post any things interesting or fascinating, you can do marketing of your product,you can advertise your affiliate link on it.You can build huge social network as well as monetize it also.How to Make Money on Facebook is an art like Twitter.
I have just recently started twitter. I find it really wonderful. Twitter gives you a chance to know the people beyond your boundaries and what they say on their blogs or in forums. And what the other people say about certain things. You can have a deep and detailed look of people's life.
It is much easier to know someone on twitter and build a massive network of like minded people than other social networking sites.Once you make a large network of people who trust you and your words, then it is very easy to earn money on twitter. Here I will give you some tips and idea to make money on twitter if you have some basic knowledge of twitter then it is very good for you.
Apply for Sponsored Tweet:If you are new to twitter then chances of getting sponsored tweet advertiser is very less.Your account must be 60 days old and more than 100 followers.Once you cross these 2 criteria you can apply for paid tweet at sponsored tweet. If you are approved by the advertiser just tweet those paid advertisement from the advertiser.Here you have option to set the base price of per tweet. It may range from $1 to several hundreds Dollars. These all depents on your influence on the web, your klout score,Your followers and retweet matrix.
Get paid Advertisers:There are many paid advertiser network for Twitter you can sign up and apply for the paid tweets.Sign up for then are free
  • is the new advertising network on twitter. is an in-stream advertising platform with top-tier Twitter publishers with top-tier brands.How to make Money with is very simple.
  • Magpie is another advertiser to get the paid tweet.Its payment option is great.You can make lot of money with magpie.Be a magpie,sign up is free. This is excellent and you can get lot of paid tweets from Magpie.

    Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!

  • Affiliate Marketing:If you are affiliate marketer then it is very good platform to promote your product.You can tweet the link of your brand.It has great possibility that people will have a look of your product.
  • Directly Promoting your Business: You can directly promote your own product or business here.Your word will most heard here.Instead of tweeting affiliate link you can advertise your own product.