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How to increase your Laptop's Battery's Life?

However you will get guarantee from the laptop manufacturer about the battery life, which varies from 12-18 months. But battery can stop working or reduce its run-time even before the guarantee period. We can increase the battery life of a laptop by taking some simple measurement while working with laptop.

Below are the few tips to increase the laptop battery life.

1. Avoid frequent discharge of battery because it puts strain on lithium-ion battery. Best practice is recharge your battery before it gets discharge to 40% level.

2. Avoid keeping fully charged battery at high temperature (specially for nickel-based batteries). For instance if you have kept your laptop inside hot car.

3. Voltage level to which batteries are charged plays important role in battery life. So use the appropriate adapter for your laptop while recharging.

4. If you have additional battery and want to use in later stage then Keep your battery at 40% charge level for prolong storage.

5. Screen of a laptop consumes significant amount of energy. If you do not want maximum brightness then decrease the screen brightness to save power. Adjust screen resolution. Check the OS for settings.
(Go to options > Display > Display properties > Settings)

6. WiFi and Bluetooth also use significant amount of power, so switch them off if not using.

7. Manage the optimum power scheme for your laptop. There are number of power saving plans in Window XP. These can be done by choosing right power options in control panel.

8. Laptop power scheme can be changed by choosing Control Panel > Power Options. Choose the option "Max. Battery". You can set the time to turn-off monitor, hard disk and system standby. After selecting a power scheme you click Ok button to finish the process.

9. Defragment your hard drive regularly. Defragmentation puts less strain on hard drive and so on the battery. Defragmention arrange the data more efficiently resulting hardrd drive works less.

10. Stop running unnecessary programs in background. Monitor them using ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’  command which opens Window task manager and kill the unnecessary programs.

11. DVD/CD drives are more power consuming as compared to    hard drive, so avoid excessive use of DVD drive.

12. Avoid charging other device such as iPod, USB from your laptop     battery.
13. Regularly clean the battery’s metal contact. This makes the efficient power transfer from battery.

14. Avoid multitasking

15. Turn off auto save function in MS-word and Excell. Autosave  function makes hard drive work more and so the battery.

16. Manage the speaker sound.

17. Switch off screen saver

18. Change the desktop appearance to Window Classic. In vista Desktop>preferences>ViewColor>Appearance>Window classic. For XP Display>Theme> Window Classic.

19. Increasing RAM also decrease the dependency on virtual memory which is by default hard disk memory. Increasing RAM also consumes more power but overall shaves power.

Avoid the memory effect

  Older Ni-MH batteries have memory effect problem. Memory effects are actually the loss of battery charge when they are repeatedly charged after being only partially charged. This can be avoided by discharging the battery completely and then fully recharging it. On the other hand Li-Ion batteries have no such problems of memory effect. It means whether you partially discharge it or recharge, there is no issue with Li-Ion batteries.


  1. aside from opening it and replacing the batt's in it (VERY RISKY) AND DANGEROUS just get a new batt. NOT from dell they charge way to much , look on-line for your Dell Inspiron 1545 and put battery in the search and you will find may of them

  2. shame new batterys are soo expensive.

  3. Really good post but the most company launching the battery and warranty. So How to choosing a good laptop battery. 

  4. nice tips. and to add to your list, put your laptop to sleep when its idle.

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  6. 1. 2 hours is about the norm. Some laptops can get up to 5 hours. It
    depends on how much power saver settings you have enabled. Running the
    processor/monitor brightness at full capacity will easily cut down the
    battery life by half if not more.

  7. good information about laptop battery.i also suffered this problems.thanks.

  8. Ultra portable, small and light-weight (2-5 LB) laptops typically offer long battery life and are a great choice for frequent travelers.Usually screen savers consume more power.. better we can turn off it for better battery life.

  9. Don't use the computer for a too long time,then we can save the battery life.

  10. I live in karachi, i want to know what is the battery life for UPS
    batteries for house UPS, which operates fans, tubelights, energy savers,
    TV.. Some battery shops says it ran max 1.5 years. My
    uncle(switzerland) did not agree on this, he says a battery on can ran
    60 months.

  11. All the tips are very helpful for a laptop user.It will definitely save lot of energy and will help laptop to work longer.I really enjoyed it...

  12. I recently bought a Macbook and have never owned a laptop before. I'm not sure
    how long laptop batteries typically last...but mine seems to be dying fast; or
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  15. All the tips are very helpful for a laptop user.It will definitely save lot of energy and will help laptop to work longer.I really enjoyed it...


  16. A better care of the battery can increase the life of that battery.Mostly the life of the  battery of a laptop gets decreased over time due to excess charging of battery..

  17. i have a laptop and every time i use i plug it n, because it saves the laptops'
    battery form having to be used everytime i want to get on. so your laptop
    battery will last longer if you plug it in while your using it.

  18. It doesn't hurt to unplug your laptop
    occasionally and let it run off batteries. It actually helps it. I had a laptop
    once that I ALWAYS left plugged in, when I finally did unplug it, the battery
    could only keep the computer on for 10-15 minutes.

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    Don't charge the battery frequently, instead charge it when the % become below 10. I will increase the battery life when practiced long time.
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